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What Are Cut-Resistant Gloves?

cut resistant gloves

Even without the risk of contracting COVID during a global pandemic, many workplaces contain potential safety risks, which is why it is imperative employers take the necessary steps to minimise and prevent them. For medical, food, and other hands-on workers, disposable nitrile gloves are essential. The most common protection method for industrial sectors where considerable risks are present is cut-resistant gloves.

Why Are Cut Resistant Gloves Important?

If your employees handle sharp tools, materials, or blades when performing their job, you must protect their hands. Cut-resistant gloves help considerably reduce the wearer’s exposure to hand injury risks and should always be worn when handling dangerous objects.

As with all gloves, there are different types of cut-resistant gloves available, each with varying cut resistance and protection levels. Read on to learn more about AP Direct Sale’s cut-resistant gloves and why you may need them for your workplace.

How do cut-resistant gloves work?

You might guess from their name that cut-resistant gloves are designed to be just that – cut-resistant. While no glove is 100% cut-proof, cut-resistant gloves can significantly reduce worker injuries. And keep in mind that exposed knife blades pose a risk for other exposed parts of the body, which is why multiple pieces of PPE may be necessary to protect your employees adequately. 

Identify workplace risk

The level of protection you need from gloves depends on the risks to which your hands are exposed. Here are the most common protective glove types found in workplaces:

  • Latex/Nitrile – protect against paper cuts, the transmission of disease, bacteria, and bodily fluids.
  • Leather – great for construction, masonry, packaging, and gardening.
  • Synthetics – light metal stamping, light industrial work.
  • Engineered Yarns – protect against sheet metal handling, glass handling, and food service.
  • Metal Mesh – protect against heavy metal stamping, food preparation like oyster shucking, industrial work.

Safety in the workplace is a priority and cut-resistant gloves are an essential piece of the puzzle. Selecting the right kind of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your employees is vital to keeping them safe while completing their daily tasks. While it is true that cutting safety begins with the correct tools and training, cut-resistant gloves also offer significant benefits. 

While cut-resistant gloves can’t eliminate the risk of getting injured, they can reduce the chance that it will happen. Cut-resistant gloves add additional levels of precaution and can protect fingers and hands from:

  • Lacerations
  • Cuts
  • Knife injuries
  • Cutting accidents

Choose your cut resistant gloves

So why should you choose AP Direct Sale’s cut-resistant gloves? Our gloves feature:

  • A 3-gauge grey cut-resistant LEVEL-5 shell
  • A grey PU coating on the palms
  • A knitted wrist that protects hands from start hazards
  • HPPE, which provides better performances on cut resistance
  • A comfortable high cut resistance shell with excellent dexterity, sensitivity, and tactility
  • They comply with EN388 standard with 4X43D – which means they offer a higher-grade cut-resistance under the new standard
  • They are ideal for Oyster shucking, Seafood and Meat processing, Metal fabrication, Recycling, and waste management.

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