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Importance of Dental Gloves

dental gloves

Dentists wear gloves to protect their hands from infection and disease as the mouth can carry thousands of bacteria. Dental gloves are considered an essential piece of equipment for practicing dentists as they protect hands from the potentially harmful germs found in saliva and blood. So, let’s look a little deeper into dental gloves and other dental supplies.

What are dental gloves?

Typically, dentists, like doctors, use high-quality disposable gloves. They use these gloves for everything from essential dental check-ups to complex dental operations.

Why should you use dental gloves?

Dental gloves protect hands from possible cross-infection from patient blood and saliva. Gloves also minimise the possibility of germs transferring to new patients during surgical procedures or treatments. Your dentist’s hands work in a small area that’s quite cramped, your mouth. It’s difficult for them to avoid getting saliva, blood, or other biological materials on their hands. If they transfer this bacterium to another patient, that’s terrible news. By covering their hands with disposable gloves, your dentist protects you from any infectious particles they may have picked up from an earlier patient.

What kind of disposable gloves are used in Dentistry?

Nitrile gloves tend to be the most popular choice for dental gloves. Nitrile gloves are puncture-resistant, heavy-duty, and offer more hand protection than thinner gloves. They are designed for medical applications and are preferred for many dental surgeries. Nitrile gloves feature high-end safety and excellent puncture resistance and are easy to put on and take off, making them a perfect choice.

AP Direct Sale’s disposable nitrile gloves are created from a synthetic rubber compound and offer various applications. Previously many dentists used latex gloves while working. However, due to the increasing occurrences of latex allergies, more and more dental and medical professionals have switched to nitrile gloves.

Do Dental Hygienists also need to wear gloves?

Yes. Anyone working with a dental or medical surgery should wear hand protection while dealing with patients. Dental Hygienists also handle dental tools, dental wipes, surgical instruments, and other tools used on dental patients, so their hands must remain protected by wearing high-quality disposable gloves.

Where can you buy dental and medical supplies in Sydney?

AP Direct Sales offers a range of dental gloves available to purchase online. Even better, we offer wholesale prices to dental surgeries looking to bulk order. Simply register your interest to access trade prices.

Why choose AP Direct Sales for your dental glove supplies?

AP Direct Sales carries a variety of top-quality nitrile gloves for dentists to use daily. With multiple sizes and colours available, you’ll be sure to get the exact glove you need. We keep an extensive inventory which allows us to fill bulk orders quickly. Choose our nitrile gloves to reduce the risk of cross-contamination for you and your hygienist in your dental surgery.  

We're committed to supplying the highest quality equipment.

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