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Four Tips To Make Your Child Wear a Face Mask

Wearing personal protective equipment like disposable masks and gloves to prevent colds and viruses from spreading is not a new practice worldwide. Closer to home, however, 2020 was the first year most Australians adopted the habit.

For many Sydney families, especially with young children, acclimatising to masks is tricky.

Health experts agree that wearing disposable masks helps to stop COVID-19 from spreading. But we understand that your family’s routine has turned upside-down since early 2020, and adjusting to wearing personal protective equipment might be confusing.

So here are our top tips to make the change easier for you and your family.

How to talk to your children about wearing masks

Although children under 12 are not required to wear masks, they still encounter masks every day. Some parents also prefer to “mask up” their 5-to-11-year-olds for safety.

Children may have mixed or unexpected responses to the idea of wearing (or even seeing) a medical mask. Communicating with your kids in terms they understand can be vital to introducing masks into their daily routine.

Set aside time to talk

Dedicating time to focus your full attention can establish an excellent foundation for future conversations. For example, chatting on the way to school is riddled with distractions, whereas talking to your child at the dinner table means you can concentrate on their concerns.

Use language they understand

Age-appropriate language helps to demystify medical supplies like disposable masks. You can even have a mask handy to explain how the material prevents moisture molecules from spreading without needing to get too scientific.

Find out what your child already knows

Information spreads fast in schools. Ask your child questions to establish how much they already know:

  •          “Do you know why I wear a mask when I leave the house?”
  •          “Does your teacher wear a mask in class? Do you know why?”
  •          “Should you wear a mask when you exercise?” (The answer is no; you can remove your mask to exercise).

The State Government strongly recommends primary students wear masks indoors. This means your younger child might already have a good understanding of disposable masks.

Are your kids under 12? Read the latest guidance from WHO and UNICEF.

Pay attention to their feelings about medical masks

Asking questions like “how did you feel about wearing a mask in class?” can prompt your child to open up. Similarly, listening for concerns in the words they use can help you as a parent or carer understand how to structure the conversation.

Wearing your disposable mask safely: Dos and Don’ts



Cover your entire mouth and nose

Touch the front of your mask

Wash or sanitise your hands before putting on or taking off a mask

Let your mask hang under your chin

Use a high-quality medical mask

Re-use single-use masks

Trust name brands like Medicom, Medline and 3M, purchased from a Sydney medical supplies specialist

Put a face mask on a child who is too young (generally under 5)

Use masks that comply with AS4381:2015 (or the international equivalents ASTM F2100 and EN14683:22014)

Put a mask on someone who cannot breathe properly or is unconscious

Use masks made of non-woven polypropylene

Let the mask get wet, for example, by swimming

High-quality disposable masks from trusted brands are among the most effective measures to slow COVID-19 community transmission, along with physical distancing, handwashing and regular testing.

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