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Disinfectant Hospital Wipes | 1 Case


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  • Ecolab Disinfectant Wipes 
  • Perfume free and Neutral PH
  • 1 Case = 12 Packs
Product description


  • Aseptic Active Wipes contain three actives including two latest technology QAC’s effective against traditionally QAC resistant organisms
  • Aseptic Active Wipes provide broad spectrum bactericidal efficacy against both gram positive and gram negative organisms including MRS and VRE
  • The TGA test for Hospital Grade Disinfectants under “dirty conditions”, thereby approved for use as a “single step” clean and disinfect
  • Perfume free and Neutral PH
  • Resealable lid
  • Case: 12 Packs | Pack: 100pcs



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