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Why Do Tattoo Artists Wear Black Gloves

why tattooists wear black gloves

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a tattoo studio, you would have seen all the artists wearing black gloves. Maybe you thought it was a uniform or a style choice – which it kind of is.

But that’s only a knock-on effect. Most importantly, tattooists and skin penetration professionals wear black nitrile disposable gloves to protect themselves and their clients against infection, chemicals, puncture and abrasion.

Top 5 reasons tattoo artists wear black nitrile disposable gloves

1.    Health

Tattoo studios need to be as clean as a doctor’s office or dental clinic. Sterile gloves reduce cross-contamination risk and prevent bodily fluid from transferring in either direction.

  • For the client: Changing gloves between tattoos minimises the risk of transferring diseases, colds and infections from one client to the next.
  • For the artist: Contact dermatitis is one of a tattoo artist’s worst nightmares. Nitrile gloves create a barrier between infected skin and the artist, shielding them from contact dermatitis, allergens, blood and other bodily fluid.

Gloves also prevent tattoo ink from transferring to the wrong places. Nitrile is a dense, corrosion-resistant material that holds up well against inks, cleaning agents, rubbing alcohol and other chemicals found in tattoo parlours.

2.    Comfort

Nitrile gloves are durable over long tattoo sessions and sturdier than latex, preventing hand cramps. Plus, the textured finish makes it easier to hold the tattoo gun steady. At the same time, the tactility of black nitrile disposable gloves allows an artist to produce fine lines and intricate designs.

Medicom black nitrile disposable gloves are powder-free, latex-free and ergonomically designed to reduce irritation and fatigue for tattoo artists.

3.    Puncture protection

Professional tattoo artists probably know which is the pointy end of the tattoo gun. However, accidents do happen. For example, clients can move suddenly, or the needle can slip while the tattooist during disposal. Nitrile gloves provide superior puncture protection to latex, helping to keep artists safe from pathogens, pigments and injury.

4.    Legal requirements

Under NSW health standards, tattooists and skin penetration professionals must wear single-use disposable gloves and follow a range of safety precautions. However, Government health standards aren’t clear about which type of glove to use. Most body art practitioners (including tattooists and piercers) choose nitrile over latex due to the superior protection and performance. However, some may pull on a pair of disposable latex gloves for lighter procedures.

5.    Professionalism

Black nitrile gloves from trusted medical suppliers like Medicom have become the standard for Australian tattoo artists. Tattooing requires the same strict hygiene standards you’ll encounter in hospitals, dental surgeries and other medical settings. So it makes sense tattooists would choose medical grade gloves.

Where Australian artists buy black nitrile gloves

Medicom nitrile gloves are a firm favourite for Sydney tattoo artists. The superior chemical protection, comfort, tear-resistance and dexterity of nitrile gloves gives tattooists the confidence to create works of art on every client.

Here at AP Direct Sales, we sell black nitrile disposable gloves in sizes small to extra-large, with affordable bulk pricing for busy studios. At just 50c per pair, you’re unlikely to find higher-quality disposable gloves for tattoo artists at better prices.

You can buy Medicom black nitrile disposable gloves online or browse our full range of Medicom disposable gloves.

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